I became a professional musician in 1988 concentrating on live performance and guitar tuition. By the mid-nineties I had a large group of private guitar students and was established in a number of secondary schools. Additionally, I had gained a mass of experience by playing in a large cabaret club for 6 months (working with Bob Monkhouse, Les Dennis, Ken Dodd and others), playing on a cruise ship for another 6 months, performing in a function band and by playing Bass for an Indie band in London.

The breadth of genres experienced was enormous and the environments varied; from Camden to the Caribbean!

Early on in my career I set up a modest home studio and with the rapid advancement of music technology and its growing presence in the class room, I found myself increasingly involved with the compositional aspect of music GCSE, BTEC and foundation degrees. The combination of my live experience and my studio work proved to be a real asset.

Below is a selection of my musical experiences:

  • The composition and production of children’s music for local authority and private services.
  • Music composition for leisure, retail, blogging and mobile app businesses throughout the world (see logos below) .
  • Recording and editing of speech for award-winning natal CDs.
  • Recording children singing for performances at Euro Disney, the O2 Arena and Her Majesty's Theatre.
  • Composing and arranging music for two international performing arts school.
  • Performing/recording voice for telephone answering systems.
  • Editing music for dance, dressage and figure skating routines.
  • Arranging and producing countless tracks for songwriters.
  • Composing for radio and television (including a segment of BBC Radio1's 2001 Brit Awards trailer)
  • Composing music and recording speech for corporate videos.
  • Coaching GCSE Music students in a number of secondary schools.
  • Training teachers on relevant aspects of music technology.
  • Creating content and edits for secondary school radio, drama and dance.
  • Rescuing old cassette recordings (transferring to CD/mp3 and reducing hiss).
  • Preparing tracks for auditions.
  • Performing many Bass and Guitar sessions for other studios.


8, Cowslip Bank
RG24 8RP

Mobile: 07786 230818

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